10×10 Kettlebell Workout

Honestly, I was scared to show you this kettlebell workout.

I was afraid you’d take it out of context (it’s a just a very small part of the 10×10 Kettlebell Solution workout plan).

And I was worried it’d be too tough (it’s a somewhat advanced workout that you don’t attack until the eighth week of the ten week program).

But I figured what the heck :)

So here you go – a sample workout from the 10×10 Kettlebell Solution.  Enjoy!

Week 8

*Warm up – Do five Turkish Get Ups on each side. Start easy – with no weight at all or a light weight – and work up to a heavier weight with each rep. Switch sides after each rep.

*Perform the first exercise in each pairing. Immediately move to the next exercise (or exercises) and complete the prescribed number of reps. Rest :30 and repeat each sequence a total of three times.

1a: 8 reverse lunges
1b: pull ups – one rep short of failure

2a: 6 kettlebell presses
2b: 20 body weight squats (explosive tempo)

3a: 25 kettlebell swings (your choice)
3b: 15 push ups

*Finish with static stretch of tight muscle groups

Train hard, and talk soon –


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