You’ve just bumped up a kettlebell weight/size for your presses.  You’re getting stuck at a specific rep count and can’t seem to get any higher …

Or, maybe you’re going for a new personal best on the kettlebell press, but can’t quite press the next weight up.

If either of the above scenarios describe you, your press/re-clean technique could be the key to unlocking extra pressing power …

In a post earlier this year, I talked about how to boost your kettlebell pressing power using whole-body muscle tension techniques … this concept is a follow-up on that idea and will further help you get more out of your KB pressing.

The idea is that for light weight/high rep/lower intensity sets, you can do your presses right from the shoulder for reps.  However, for heavy weight/low rep/higher intensity sets, try re-cleaning the ‘bell between each rep.  This will allow you to use some of the kinetic energy you generate with the clean to assist in ‘boosting up’ your press.

It’s amazing the difference this technique (combined with the tension principles discussed in the article I’ve already mentioned) can make in your strength and overall rep totals.

That’s it for today – a simple but very effective technique for boosting your kettlebell pressing power.  If you’re looking for that edge to press more weight and make faster progress, add it to your training technique arsenal and enjoy the benefits!

Keep training hard and talk soon –

Forest Vance, RKC II

P.S. If you feel that this advice will help you in your training, you have to check out Sacramento Personal Trainer at for more tips.


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