I’ve been talking a lot about the kettlebell swing lately.

And for good reason. It’s the most basic of HardStyle kettlebell exercises, and is the first movement you should master before moving on to more advanced drills.

I wanted to give you a sample workout to try – based around the kettlebell swing – just to show you HOW powerful this exercise can be, WHEN you program it properly into your training.

If you missed my recent three part kettlebell swing video tutorial, you can check that out here:

=> Kettlebell Swing Video Tutorial


TOUGH (but simple) KB Workout

  • Begin your workout with a 3-5 minute dynamic warm up.
  • Do two :30 holds of HardStyle planks, resting about :15 sec. between sets.
  • Swings – do 5 sets of 20.  Rest about :30 between sets.
  • Mix up the type of swings you do. You can do two hand, one hand, hand to hand, or double swings.  This is a great way to mix up the workout, hit slightly different muscle groups and give your body a slightly different stimulus throughout the session.
  • Next, do a body weight circuit of Push Ups, Pull Ups or Inverted Rows, and Step Ups or Lunges – you’ll do 2-3 rounds of 10-15 reps of each exercise.
  • Modify the body weight exercises as needed to challenge yourself JUST enough. So … if you’re just starting out, you might do knee push ups and inverted rows. If you’re advanced, you might do feet elevated push ups and standard pull ups. You can really make this workout as hard or as easy as you like.
  • Finish off with a 3-5 minute static stretch of tight muscle groups ONLY.

And, there you have a very simple, but TOUGH, kettlebell swing-based workout.

Enjoy! And talk soon –

Forest Vance, MS, RKC II


PS – If you liked this post, and are in the Sacramento, CA, learn more about Forest Vance, Sacramento, CA personal trainer (author of this post) here: http://www.forestvancetraining.com/

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