During a workout today, for some reason, I was thinking about different brands of KB’s that I have trained with over the years. And since we’ve been getting a lot of questions on this topic as of late, I thought I would take this opportunity to write a bit about how to buy a kettlebell.

Through testing and feedback and lots of trial and error, I have come to a simple conclusion: to figure out what kind of kettlebells you need, you have to decide what your ultimate kettlebell training goals are.

If you’re just doing some basic two hand swings and TGU’s, and you won’t be using your ‘bell more than two or three times per week, then you can probably get away with a basic brand and save a few bucks.

If you’re going to be doing more intermediate-to-advanced moves like cleans and snatches … and if you’re going to be using your ‘bell more frequently … consider going with a high quality KB brand. It is well worth it. Higher-end KB’s are going to be are balanced better, have a much smoother handle, and just have a higher quality feel.

Now, if you’re going to go with the “more basic” route, I would strongly recommend buying the KB’s in person. This is because the quality of each KB does vary a bit, and you want to make sure that you’re getting a quality one that suits you. Look on craigslist, your local used sporting goods store, etc.

On the other hand, if you’re going to go “all out” and opt for a higher quality KB, I’ll make it simple for ‘ya – click HERE to check out the brand that I recommend. (Also, if you happen to be in the Sacramento area, swing by our studio – no pun intended … we have a selection of kettlebells for sale that are of great quality as well.)

That’s it for today! I hope that if you are in the market to buy a kettlebell, that this article has helped you out. Just remember – decide on your ultimate training goals first. Then get the kettlebells that you know are going to be most approporiate for you and your needs.

Train hard, and ’till next time –

– Forest Vance, MS, RKC II

PS – Want to actually learn how to use that bad boy once you pick it up? Come on down to my Sacramento boot camp and learn how!

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